How To Do Proper On-Page SEO On Your WordPress Website In 2020


On Page optimization is one of the most important parts of any overall SEO campaign. When you do proper on page SEO, you are setting up your website to easily rank for the keywords you are targeting. If you get this wrong, you probably won’t rank. And even if you do, it will take you way longer than it would’ve had you done proper on page SEO.

And here’s the best part about it – this is the easiest thing to optimize because it is on your own website. Compared to off page SEO, this can be done quickly and within a couple of hours if you have a lot of pages. If you don’t, you can be done with it within a half an hour.

So without any further ado, lets get right into how you can do proper on  page SEO on your wordpress website in 2020.

1. Your Domain Name

If you haven’t even registered your domain name, you are in the best spot right now. You have the choice to choose the right domain name so that you end up spending WAY less on your SEO campaign.

You want to choose something that has at least part of your target keyword in it. Let’s say you are a plumber in Los Angeles. And you want to appear like a good brand to work with, your domain name should be something like – OR OR

Or something like that.

Notice how I included LA for Los Angeles (Google can detect that) and plumber in the domain name. Because that alone will tell Google that it is a plumbing business website and so it will rank you for appropriate keywords.

That’s the whole goal here – to make it easier for Google to recognize what your website is about and which keywords it should rank you for.

This is how you do it.

But I’ve Already Registered My Domain Name

Most people reading this article would have already registered their domain name. In that case, you should just change the title tag of your Homepage to something like – Los Angeles Plumber | Top Plumbing Company In LA

Doing this is less powerful than having the keyword in your domain name itself. But this will work just fine. 

2. H Tags

This is another beast that you have to take care of. This is the part where your additional keywords come in because you want to use them here. This will help you rank for those additional keyword variations that we talked about in the previous article.

You should consider them as subheadings and make sure that these look natural. You don’t want to stuff keywords in these tags because that will just make the whole thing worse for you.

Make it look natural and beautiful so that the visitors enjoy reading your articles. Because at the end of the day, if real people aren’t liking your website, you aren’t going to make a lot of money. And we all are doing this to make more money.

So make sure you are putting some time in and writing high quality content that provides value to your readers. That’s the only way to develop customer loyalty and also increase sales.

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